This winter,
I had some guests
Of all colors
Castes and creeds.

Some were
Black and beautiful
Some were
White and ugly
Some had
All colors,
but just dull!

But they all
Had a heart
That was red
And throbbing;
Throbbing to
Give a rhythm

For life on earth
Nothing more
Nothing less…

We in this world have been incorrigibly infatuated with a few terminologies for quite some time; GDP is one such acronym. We are equally averse to a few other things like ‘subsidy’, for example. When we were constantly beleaguered by the World Bank or the IMF, why we should worry…

Do you know Kerala? Well, if you haven’t so far heard about this “God’s Own Country”, the information era hasn’t really touched you meaningfully!

In the 1990s, when Richard Franke and Barbara Chasin talked about ‘development without growth’ while describing the Kerala model of development[1], some of you would have…

Sherif Aziz, PhD

Development strategist. Digital entrepreneur. Writer. Script writer.

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